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Eduard Tache

Senior DevOps Engineer

"It’s pronounced CUBE-CEE-TEE-ELL"

About Eduard

One of Eduard’s earliest memories was back in the late 90’s when computers made a colourful and soft clinking noise, almost as the trill of a bird on auto-tune, which meant that you’re now on-line connected to the Internet, or as the TV presenters used to describe it back then, the information highway.


Eduard’s experience in systems automation and configuration is rooted and shaped by his previous experience as a software engineer. His broad experience allows him to easily collaborate with engineers from different specialisations; from front-end developers with their hipster javascript framework, to back-end engineers and their microservices (or macroservices), to data scientists and their ML models, to infosec goons with their bag of hacks, he can drop in any team and help achieve their goal. As an engineer he’s versed in a few programming languages which allows him to prototype things for a POC or build a performant application. This enables him to work with and understand distributed systems in a better way than a normal developer or system administrator.


Having a curious mind together with the ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn things and concepts, give him an almost unfair advantage in every task undertaken.


When he’s not coding or learning a new technology, he enjoys reading books on economics, politics, and biographies as well as cooking.